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                  Jiangsu OuZhuo Transportation Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the city of Jiangyin (a county-level city),which ranks first among China's top 100 economic counties.The company is a professional provider of an integration of services,namely the research &development,design,manufacture,automatic control,installation&debugging and after-sales services of power engineering and equipment.It is a modernized science&technology company which boasts the capacity for major turn-key projects.

                  With a production history of more than three decades,the company boasts rich experience of complete power engineering and numerous engineering cases.It has undertaken nearly 100 advanced major power engineering projects for large-and medium-sized enterprises from home and abroad.In the meanwhile,the company pools a galaxy of high-level talents with professional backgrounds of mechanical or electrical automation.The number of staff members from the research&development teams constitutes 30 percent of that of the whole company,in which there are also 5 senior engineers.These all contribute to the company's strong capability of research and development. In the course of nearly 40 years,the company,based on the viewpoint of science&technology prioritized and innovative development, has been incorporating advanced technological experiences from home and abroad and sticking to innovation, and in this way fosters a modernized enterprise with its own features.

                  At present,the company owns four patents of independent invention and 11 utility model patents. It has been entitled "Jiangsu Private Science&Technology Enterprise","Jiangsu Star Enterprise","Trustworthy Enterprise" and "Quality Credit AAA-Grade Honored Enterprise"for multiple times.Our company enjoys considerable reputation among domestic and foreign clients and a leading status in the whole industry.At the same time,its "Jiangyun" branded products have been entitled "Jiangsu Quality Products","China's Top 10 Brand" and "China's Top 10 Famous&Premium Brand" for numerous times.

                  The products of the company have passed the standard attestation of the GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 International Quality System.

                  The company's complete projects have incorporated various advanced scientific technologies, and they are also systematic engineering projects that integrate advanced mechanical complete equipment,environmental protection equipment and automatic intelligent control.

                  Main products and service orientations of the company:
                  I.Transport of Bulk Materials:capable of transporting various kinds of materials and achieve a fully automated transport process.
                  II.Major Powder Projects: wholly systematic engineering of the charging, incoming, automatic dosing & batching and mixed packaging of raw materials in powder projects; achieve automatic control of the whole production line of the plant and intelligent management of production.
                  III.Featured Product of the Company - equipment of pneumatic transport. Our company boasts a production history of more than three decades, with thousands of its pneumatic transport equipment successfully operated in various industries and under various working conditions, thus we have obtained absolutely rich experience in many fields and are able to stand various tests, with our technological experience and product qualities holding a leading status in the whole industry.
                  In recent years,this product has obtained particularly wide application in industries of new materials,refractory materials,metallurgy materials,chemical engineering and plastics;the longest transport distance nears 1000 meters in practical conditions and according to practical experience,such product has achieved brilliant results in the transport of power materials of various proportions and of corundum particles with diameters of less than 10 mm.
                  There are mainly three types of pneumatic transport:1.Positive pressure dense-phase transport;2.Negative pressure suction transport;3.Positive pressure dilute-phase transport.
                  IV.The intelligent automatic material-batching system integrates functions of revisions of formula input,simulated display of the operating process of equipment,the malfunction of equipment and alarming mechanism, the storage and printing of various production reports,on-site supervision of production lines,etc,which has truly achieved modernized and digitized production&management.
                  V.Major Types of Projects:
                  1.Automatic transport and batching system of chemical plastics
                  2.Systematic and automatic charging and batching system of refractory materials
                  3.Automatic charging and batching system of new building materials and sheet materials
                  4.Automatic charging and batching system and the dust-reclaiming system for foundry industries and of ceramic products
                  5.Automatic production line of permanent-magnet materials
                  6.Long-term supply of professional equipment for the powder industry

                  Aimed at the goal of higher quality and oriented by the principle of honest and premium services,our company will offer more advanced and trustworthy power equipment and projects;we welcome patronage from both old and new clients.
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